Tech News: THIS App Brings Dinosaurs Alive In Your Room!

An immersive experience, Museum Alive can be your new favourite app if you love dinosaurs or technology!

Tanvi Rumale

April 6, 2021

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In 2014, David Attenborough made a documentary titled, Natural History Museum Alive. It was both written and presented by him and it was very well received. Now, it seems that an app by the same name has been launched! The Museum Alive app is a continuation of the documentary film and it brings alive these extinct creatures in your own living room!

The app uses modern technology to show us the oldest creatures to inhabit our planet! Museum Alive shows users extremely vivid and real looking dinosaurs and other creatures. Currently, the app shows three of these creatures, one being of the flying species, one a sabre-tooth tiger and one ancient sea creature.

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The app features voice-overs by David Attenborough himself. It is a very detailed app and users can zoom into what they’re seeing to find more detailed views which enrich the experience! There are real-time shadows and landscapes that are extremely crisp and the makers want the users to get a holistic experience of what they’re seeing!

This is one of the first apps to use this kind of real-life experience on a mobile phone! This may have been done in the past on desktops or gaming machine, but to incorporate this science into a mobile phone is an achievement in itself! This app works on Apple iPhone 8 and above and similarly aged iPads. There is no android version available yet and the app actually incorporates a lot of Apple’s camera technology for it to work smoothly.

The makers are working on creating more creatures for the app, including the extinct Dodo. This is just the beginning of all the immersive content that is to come!

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