Taylor Swift spends time with boyfriend Joe Alwyn, and surprises a fan

Taylor Swift who was in Belfast to spend time with boyfriend Joe Alwyn surprised a fan and gave him singing tips as well



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It is not always that you will see singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift, out and about in public sightings. But when she does, it is a delight for the people around. Taylor Swift flew into Belfast to join her boyfriend Joe Alwyn, who had just wrapped up the shoot of his upcoming series Conversations With Friends. Taylor Swift joined Joe Alwyn for the wrap party of the show as per Irish media reports. While she was in the city, the singer decided to hop around in the town and find a good scene to unwind.

A humble soul

As she stepped out to check the local music scene, the most awarded American Music Award (AMA) artist had an encounter with Tiernan Heffron, an upcoming Belfast musician. Tiernan Heffron who experienced firsthand how down-to-earth and humble Tayor Swift is, later tweeted about the whole incident and informed the world that Taylor Swift sat through his three-hour gig.

Describing Taylor Swift as the most lovely person, Tiernan Heffron was also excited in that the artist was curious about how she could follow his work. He described the encounter as a dream coming true and was excited about things to follow. Tiernan Heffron also had every reason to be excited is that Taylor Swift also gave him a tip. The buzz did not just stop there.

Only praises for the singer

Belfast Telegraph reported that Taylor Swift also attended a small party with Joe Alwyn at a Belfast restaurant. The staff and owner of the restaurant were pleased as punch that the artist was lovely, warm, and friendly during the visit and posed with them and fans for photographs. The restaurant in a post on Facebook along with a few photos of the singer was effusive in her praise. It was this post that confirmed the reason why Taylor Swift’s had air-hopped to Belfast. The restaurant also gave a big thumbs-up to her earthly demeanour.

Dubbed one of the 100 most influential people by Time magazine three times, the first time in 2010, Taylor Swift with 32 wins is the most awarded artist in AMAs history. In reaching here, this gifted artist who writes songs and uses her voice as a way to get those lyrics across left even the legendary Michael Jackson’s record of 24 wins way behind. Taylor Swift has sold 50 million albums and 150 million singles worldwide. Named the woman of the decade by Billboard in the 2010s, she spent a record 44-weeks at number one on the chart, making it the longest reigning act of Billboard Artist 100.

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