Tanishq Ad Row: 5 Beautiful Interfaith Ads Which Sailed Through the Pressures of Toxic Social Media Trolls And Didn’t Face The Axe Like Tanishq

LatestLY has curated a list of five ads which speaks of Hindu-Muslim unity, brotherhood between the two religion, oneness and they managed to sail through trolling and didn’t face the irk of the netizens. That is the reason we have some of these beautiful ads running till today.

October 14, 2020

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On the occasion of the festive season, Tanishq released a beautiful ad highlighting interfaith marriage. However, it had to soon withdraw the creative after facing the wrath of the netizens who touted the ad as ‘love jihad’. Tanishq released a statement on Tuesday where it said that the company was ‘deeply saddened by the inadvertent stirring of emotions’. Trolls urged people to #BoycottTanishq seeing the ad.

Even though the storyline spoke of oneness, embracing different faiths and living happily, the trolls once again managed to clip the wings of creativity. The ad showed how a Muslim family was preparing for the baby shower of their Hindu daughter-in-law. The concept alleged some Twitter users, promoted “love jihad” — a conspiracy theory alleging a ploy by jihadist elements to lure off and marry Hindu girls.

It is really sad that at a time when the entire nation is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, a brand makes a small attempt of showing hope, but the trolls overpower it by spreading hatred and animosity. Tanishq as a brand has always managed to churn out good creatives, where the product takes the backseat.

Tanishq is known for creating path-breaking ads that have tackled stereotypes and have touched hearts. The ads have never been only about jewellery, but the messaging weaved in the story has always stood out and left an impact. For e.g. the second marriage of a dark-complexioned woman with a young daughter was widely appreciated and will always remain fresh in the memory of all the viewers. The list is endless of numerous times when Tanishq has amazed us with their beautiful storyline which left an everlasting impact on our minds.

LatestLY has curated a list of five ads which speaks of Hindu-Muslim unity, brotherhood between the two religions, oneness and the ones that managed to sail through trolling. That is the reason we have some of these beautiful ads running till today.

United Colours of Benetton:


Red Label:

KBC Promo:


In 2018, Fortune Foods had to withdraw one of their video ad showing people consuming non-veg food during Durga Puja. The ad rubbed the group- Hindu Janjagriti Samiti – the wrong way, who raised objection against the ad and stated that eating non-veg food during Navratri was prohibited. This created an immense backlash on social media, prompting the brand to apologise and withdraw the ad. However, what people forgot is that the ad was made for the Bengali audience who consumes non-veg food during Durga Puja.

Similarly, a couple of years back, Javed Habib’s ad showing Maa Durga visiting the parlour had to be removed a few years ago after it faced severe backlash on social media.

Today, brands are always under immense pressure as social media has become a toxic space which is being largely used to spread negativity. In fact, there are two sides of social media which we got to see recently. On one hand, netizens came together to make Baba Ka Dhaba’s video viral and extend help to the octogenarian couple struggling to make ends meet. On the other hand, trolls pressurised Tanishq to withdraw their creative.

Dear trolls, we understand it is about respecting religious sentiments, but what is the harm in broadening our perspective and being a little open? If we start getting offended at the drop of a hat, are we not restricting the power of this beautiful medium called advertising? But that’s even secondary. How does one get offended by a message of love?

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