Taliban Mounts An Attack On Afghan Security Forces To Capture Kunduz

Afghan Security forces had to face the onslaught from Talibans when they tried to stop them from attacking Kunduz.


May 20, 2020

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On Tuesday, the Afghan security forces fought a Taliban attack that was planned on Kunduz, a city in northern Afghanistan.

Taliban fighters are said to have attacked many of the government posts that were on the outskirts of the city at around 1:00 a.m, which then wreaked havoc. In recent months, the Taliban and Afghan security forces have been clashing each other from time to time especially in rural areas. However, an attack on Kunduz was quite a jump. During the clash on Tuesday, insurgents managed to capture an Afghan Army post for a brief amount of time while also killing one soldier.

President Ashraf Ghani also said that offensive strikes against the insurgents will be resumed as it is the only way to go. The Taliban, on the other hand, responded to the same by saying that they would increase the number of assaults against Afghan security forces.

40 Taliban fighters were killed and 50 others wounded in the Kunduz assault.

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