Taish: 5 Times Rohan, Sunny And Krish Redefined Bromance And Friendship Goals

Taish’s handsome trio – Sunny, Rohan and Krish have many funny and endearing moments throughout the ZEE5 Original. These moments redefined a sibling/ childhood friendships altogether.

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November 28, 2020

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Rohan and Sunny’s friendship in ZEE5’s Taish is pure #BFFGoals. But this friendship even gets better when Rohna’s younger brother joins the league. This handsome trio provided wholesome entertainment in every scene. So here are the top 5 moments of this golden trio from this ZEE5 Original.


1. Rohan & Krish talk about Sunny

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In Taish, the anticipation about Sunny’s entry builds right from a scene where he is not present. Rohan and Krish’s reaction to Mahi asking about Sunny says it all. The Kalra boys cannot wait for their childhood friend, Sunny to join the impending wedding festivities.

2. Sunny’s entry

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The moment Sunny enters the Kalra mansion, Rohan and Krish rejoice together. Within seconds the entire family is dancing and thus everybody knows Sunny has finally arrived. Sunny’s happiness is also quite evident after reuniting with his childhood gang.

3. Rohan stands up for Sunny

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The moment Sunny engages in a fight at a Mehendi ceremony, Rohan does not think twice and stands up for his best friend. He jumps into the water and starts fighting. Krish is also watching the scene unfold and was even ready to jump any second.

4. When Rohan plays the elder brother role

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Krish is miffed, after Mahi reveals that her ex-boyfriend is attending their wedding nuptials. He goes missing from a family dinner, and Rohan immediately starts looking for him and even calms Mahi down. When he finally sees Krish, he makes sure that his younger brother understands the situation. Sunny also agrees with Rohan and makes his support known in the situation.

5. Rohan and Sunny’s final revenge

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After the unfortunate incident at Krish’s wedding, Rohan and Sunny are hungry for Pali’s blood. They plan out a massive revenge plot to make Pali pay for his sins. They are ready to go to any extent to make sure their plan works out.


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