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Taapsee Pannu talks about loving yourselves and embracing imperfections; mentions about THESE Hollywood actresses as examples


December 5, 2021

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Taapsee Pannu has spoken up about her early misperceptions. She focused on the point that Perfection isn’t the key to becoming a successful actress. Read to know more

It is a widespread and regrettable observation that ladies must make some aesthetic alterations to appear in front of the camera. Taapsee Pannu has spoken up about her efforts to ‘blend in’ before making a name for herself as an actor. Perfection isn’t the key to becoming a successful actress. Taapsee Pannu has spoken up about her early misperceptions of beauty and how she learned to embrace herself and her distinct traits. When asked for advice on body acceptance for young women, the actor offered Hollywood icons Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence as examples.

Taapsee Pannu opened up by saying, ” She would like to tell young women is to never hate themselves. Because They have to live with themself for the rest of their life. They might like some things about themself, they might not like some things, but always to remember that their so-called imperfections might just be what makes them stand out in a crowd. It is those things that could become your identity,”

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Talking about women she finds inspiring, Taapsee added, “most memorable women in the world, like Meryl Streep or Jennifer Lawrence, aren’t exactly ‘perfect’. But there is something about them, including the way they carry themselves, that makes them so beautiful. It’s because they have accepted themselves, and they use even their imperfections to their advantage.”

Taapsee, who recently spoke up about embracing body acceptance, also stated that she felt self-conscious about her eyes. “For long years, She felt she didn’t have lovely eyes,” the Pink actress stated when asked what she liked most about her appearance. But now she feels a certain satisfaction in her eyes, which she like observing when looking into the mirror.”

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Taapsee is presently filming Woh Ladki Hai Kahaan, in which she co-stars with Pratik Gandhi. She is also looking forward to the release of the trailer for Mithali Raj’s biopic, Shabaash Mithu. The film is scheduled to be released in February of next year. The actor is also working on Looop Lapeta and Dobaaraa.

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