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Taapsee Pannu ‘Likes’ A Comedian’s Video; Mocks Kangana Ranaut’s Latest Independence Comment – Deets Inside


November 13, 2021

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Kangna Ranaut landed into yet another controversy. She has been trolled all over the web for her remarks. Recently, a comedian posted a video on Instagram mocking the actress’s comments. Surprisingly Taapsee Pannu liked the video – Read on to know more

Saloni Gaur, a renowned comedian, uploaded a video on Friday mocking Kangana Ranaut’s recent remarks about India’s independence struggle. The queen actor made a contentious statement, claiming that India’s 1947 independence was mere ‘bheek’ (alms) and that the country only gained true independence in 2014.

The comedian dressed up as being one of her on-camera adapting, ‘Kangana Runout,’ in response to the political remark. “Everyone wants to know what I took beforehand I went in for the interview. Everything makes sense to me, so I grabbed my wits and left. Everyone mocked my remarks, but if I release a stand-up DVD, everyone would think, “Oh, She is just doing humor.” Is this the definition of liberty? We gained independence, not liberty, in 1947. What did I say that was incorrect? Even now, we don’t have freedom,” Saloni remarked in Hindi during her performance.

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She went on to say that young people are still unable to obtain permission to travel to Goa and that rising gasoline prices are preventing people from leaving their homes altogether, leaving the roads a safe haven for women to walk. “After all of this, they’re attempting to steal my Padma Shri.” If you take it away from me, I’ll start sobbing as well. Imagine how I’d be if I sobbed when folks don’t like me talking,” Saloni concluded her act.

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The video has gotten a lot of positive feedback, including a ‘like’ from Taapsee Pannu. Even before this actress Taapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut have gotten into a social media brawl. Both the actress make strong opinions and are quite vocal on social media. Earlier Taapsee Pannu some remarks on the micro-blogging application regarding a national issue and got herself into headlines.

Kangana Ranaut sparked a stir previously this week when she spoke at a summit about India’s freedom struggle. She stated that the country achieved “true independence” in 2014, referring to the election of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister.

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