Swapnil Shinde Aka Saisha And Other Trans Celebs Who Are Hailed In The Industry

Saisha Shinde and other famous transgender celebrities who have made a place for themselves in the film industry through immense hard work. Have a look at the list here.

Sania Kader

January 13, 2021

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Various celebrities from the film and fashion industry have gone through sex-change operation to officially change their gender. Some of these transgender artists are quite famous in their professional fields for their immense talent and dedication. One of the latest celebrities to undergo a transition has been fashion designer Swapnil Shinde, who also changed her name to Saisha Shinde after undergoing the operation. He is a renowned personality in the fashion industry who has worked with various Bollywood actresses in the past few years. She was heavily praised and hailed across social media platforms by the LBGTQ+ community, for her courageous and strong move. Other famous transgender celebrities like Bobby Darling, Shinata Sangha, and Gauri Arora, have also gained immense appreciation in the past, for following their heart.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to the LBGTQ+ community in the film and fashion industry:

Various transgender celebrities have made a significant place for themselves in the film and fashion industry through their hard work and passion. A recent celeb to join the list has been fashion designer Swapnil Shinde, who recently announced that he has undergone a sex-change operation and wishes to be referred to as Saisha Shinde, from now on. She was heavily hailed by the netizens as they felt it was a power move and such measures must be encouraged. Saisha Shinde is also a renowned name in the film industry as she has worked with Bollywood actresses like Deepika Padukone, Anushka Sharma, and Kiara Advani, amongst others.

Another renowned transgender personality in Bollywood is Bobby Darling, who was initially known by the name Pankaj Sharma. The Bollywood artist got a breast implant in 2010, after which the name was changed to Pakhi Sharma. Over the next few years, Pakhi decided to change the name again and was called Bobby Darling, henceforth.

Anjali Lama is another renowned model who moved from Nepal and made a place for herself in the industry. Her name was originally Nabin Waiba which was changed officially after she got a sex change operation done. Her family was quite against the move but she went on to create a career path of her own through her work. She was also India’s first female transgender model who also walked on the Lakme Fashion Week Ramp.

Nikkiey Chawla was born as a male child and she underwent a gender changed operation in the year 2009. She is originally from Delhi and is a successful model at the moment. Model Gauri Arora is another famous name in the modelling industry who followed her heart. She was also a part of a popular television reality show before undergoing the transition. She was previously known by the name Gaurav Arora and also has a huge fan following amongst the audience. In a previous interview, she had also received that she always felt a girl and loved dressing up and acting like one, which made her take up the step.

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Screenwriter Gazal Dhaliwal is also one of the transgender personalities who underwent a sex change operation a few years back. She made her Bollywood debut this year, with the film, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga. Shinata Sangha is also a young transgender personality who has made it big in the modelling industry. She is a famous name in the LBGTQ+ community as she has won multiple beauty pageants in the past.

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