Sushant Singh Rajput Birth Anniversary: A Review Of His Show Pavitra Rishta As A Small Tribute To The Late Actor

As a tribute to the late actor on his birth anniversary, here is a little review of the show that shot him to fame – Pavitra Rishta where he played the iconic role of Manav.

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January 19, 2021



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Sushant Singh Rajput would have turned 35 on 21 January 2021. He was loved by the whole nation. A brilliant actor who nailed any role he was put in. He had made his place prominent in the television world first and then the film industry. The TV show, Pavitra Rishta, in which he earned his first lead role and the shot to fame, is still loved by the people. So on Sushant Singh Rajput’s birth anniversary, here is a little review of Pavitra Rishta as a tribute to him.

Pavitra Rishta, meaning ‘sacred bond’, was a show that aired on Zee TV from 2009 to 2014. It was about the bond of two lovers, Archana and Manav, played by Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput. Archana and Manav are two people from simple Maharashtrian families. Manav works as a car mechanic and Archana is a lesser-educated girl, who is looking to marry someone and get settled. In the beginning, they both fall in love but since Manav is only a car mechanic, Archana’s family does not approve of their marriage.

Archana’s marriage is fixed with a wealthy person, Satish, so she can spend her married life in a better way. However, Archana has an evil sister-in-law, Manjusha, who keeps conspiring against her. She does so and her marriage with Satish is called off. After some misunderstanding, her marriage is fixed with Manav, and then begins their journey, which is not so smooth.

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Ankita Lokhande has portrayed her role as Archana very well. Archana is a soft-spoken girl, who does not react harshly to any situations and Ankita Lokhande kept that alive in her role throughout the run, of five years. Manav, like Archana, is also a soft-spoken person, with a very calm demeanour. It was hard to believe this was Sushant Singh Rajput’s first role as a lead actor since he portrayed it so well. With the very first few episodes, the pair became a fan-favourite and to this day, they have a special place in their hearts. Their chemistry was beautiful on the show.

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After Archana marries Manav and moves in with him, she faces the wrath of Manav’s mother, Savita Deshmukh. She does not approve of Archana because her family had initially rejected Manav. Archana’s hardships in the house are just one part of her life, when her sister-in-law Manjusha, continues to plot against her. After another conspiracy, Archana and Manav are separated. Manav gets another responsibility on his shoulders, as his brother dies, leaving behind his pregnant wife, Shravani. Manav takes it upon himself to marry her for the child since he is already separated from Archana.

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The very talented and genius actor, Usha Nadkarni, plays the role of Savita Deshmukh, Manav’s mother. Besides Manav and Archana, she too was the life of the show. Her performance as Savita Deshmukh, who is initially disapproving and then a supporting mother, was loved and is still loved by many. Her talent is immeasurable and she has been a great actor in both Hindi and Marathi entertainment industries.

Manav and Archana’s separation lasts for a year, in which Archana completes her education and Manav still has not married Shravani. After a lot of hustle, Manav and Archana come back together and their love blooms again. They get married and Archana is pregnant with Manav’s child. But due to their poor financial condition, they fail to take proper care and lose the child. Manav then decides to work hard and become wealthy.

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Manav puts in a lot of effort, spending a lot of time into work, and eventually, after four years, becomes a wealthy businessman. He and Archana resume their happily married life and parent a son and two twin sisters. However, the destiny (and some of their family members) keep putting hurdles in the path. How they manage to face and overcome the hurdles, and if their sacred bond stays strong despite all difficulties, forms the plot of the show.

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The show had a good run of 5 years, though, Sushant Singh Rajput was only a part of it till 2011. Post his exit, the role of Manav was taken up by actor Hiten Tejwani. Sushant Singh Rajput then returned for the last episode of the show. In the last episode, Manav suffers a fatal accident and Archana dies in the trauma of his death. When Manav and Archana reunite in heaven, we see Sushant again, for one last time, in his role as Manav.

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The show had a really nice direction. The love stories and the romantic moments in the show always seemed very genuine and made you feel happy. The performances of all the actors were also very good. The show’s backdrop was a genuine one and writing was also engaging. It made the audiences fall in love with the characters. Pavitra Rishta had a good impact on the masses and still remains a monumental show in the history of Indian Television.

Sushant Singh Rajput had always had immense respect for this show. He felt grateful to have gotten the TV show before making a move towards films. Despite not being ‘Manav’ for the entire run of the show, a lot many people still recognized him as ‘Manav from Pavitra Rishta.’ His performance had made everyone fall in love with him, which carried forward to his career in films, as well. His roles in films like Sonchiriya and Kedarnath will always be cherished.

Also, Ankita Lokhande, who starred in the film Manikarnika – The Queen of Jhansi, still gets recognized as Archana. She, too, gained a lot of fans due to Pavitra Rishta.

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