Suryavamsam: Samantha Is Happy To Finally Meet Her Family

Samantha sees all the characters from the photo-frame that her mother had introduced.


October 5, 2020


3 min


Starring Nikitha Rajesh, Aashish Chakravarthi, and Poornima Bhagyaraj in the lead roles, Suryavamsam is the latest Zee Tamil drama television series that is sure to get you all glued to your TV screens. From the makers of Sembaruthi, Suryavamsam is a refreshing take on the conflict between a strong family bond and the love between different cultures.

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Previously we had seen Samantha catches a train to her grandparents’ house from Chennai. Surya too boards the same train. Sam and Surya have no clue that their destination is the same. Surya is upset as he could not convince Srinivasan to get married to Padma while Sam irritates him with her excessive talks. Later, a guy tries to molest Sam while the latter does not realise. Surya, who sees this, steps ahead to help Sam.

In this episode, Samantha reaches Annammal’s house. She notices that a big puja is being held at Annamal’s house. So, she follows the devotees and gets inside the house. She then sees all the characters from the photo-frame that her mother had introduced. She feels happy to finally see her family. Later, she eagerly awaits to see Surya. She is surprised to learn that Surya is none other than the guy she had met on the train in Chennai.

Meanwhile, Padma is trying to find Surya to know what is the outcome after talking to Srinivasan. Later, Surya is shocked to see Samantha. When he asks her what is she doing at his house, the latter lies to him that she followed him to his house as she wanted to know him more. How will Surya react to this? To know what happens next, you can watch Suryavamsam episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

Talking about the show, Suryavamsam revolves around Annammal, who disowns her daughter Kalyani and ostracize her from the family for marrying against her consent. And years later, when Kalyani wishes to reunite with her parents, Samantha, her daughter, decides to fulfil her dream.

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