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Suryavamsam: Jayanti And Surya Argue Over Samantha


October 13, 2020

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While Jayanti asks Surya to get along with Sam, the latter (Surya) tells her that he will only obey by Annammal’s rules. Read the full update.

Starring Nikitha Rajesh, Aashish Chakravarthi, and Poornima Bhagyaraj in the lead roles, Suryavamsam is the latest Zee Tamil drama television series that is sure to get you glued to your TV screens. From the makers of Sembaruthi, Suryavamsam is a refreshing take on the conflict between a strong family bond and the love between different cultures.

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Previously we had seen Annammal gets irked as Raji informs her about Samantha’s arrival and all the happenings at home. When Annammal arrives home, Samantha gets emotional seeing her grandmother and hugs her. Annammal too gets emotional as Samantha hugs her.

Later, Annammal pushes Sam away and speaks to Jayanthi, her husband and Surya in private. Annammal asks Surya to send Samantha to her home country. Meanwhile, Samantha notices the photo-frame, where her mother Kalyani’s face has been scribbled by a marker. As she goes to wipe it off, Surya’s sister stops her from doing so.

In this episode, Jayanti and Surya argue over Samantha. While Jayanti asks Surya to get along with Sam, the latter (Surya) tells her that he will only obey by Annammal’s rules and he will ask Sam to leave the house as commanded by Annammal.

Meanwhile, Surya’s sister tells Sam that Annammal has become bitter and rude ever since her daughter Kalyani eloped with a foreigner. Sam loses hope in reuniting her family. Later, Chandru learns that Surya is going to get married to the girl (Sam) he has a crush on. While he is already furious, Narayanan adds fuel to the fire. To know what happens next, you can watch Suryavamsam episodes before TV by subscribing to the ZEE5 Club Pack.

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