Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari: 5 Arranged Marriage Struggles Diljit’s Suraj Faces That Are Relevant Even Today

Even though the movie is set in 1955, there are several arranged marriage struggles Diljit’s character Suraj faces that are relevant even today, read

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December 11, 2020



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The new comedy-drama Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari starring Manoj Bajpayee, Diljit Dosanjh, Fatima Sana Shaikh in lead roles is a film that has not only left the audience in fits of laughter but has also provided a rather interesting insight on arranged marriages. The movie chronicles around a man named Suraj (Diljit Dosanjh), whose marriage plans are hindered when a detective named Mangal gives negative feedback to his potential bride’s family. Even though the movie is set in 1955, there are several ‘arranged marriage’ struggles Suraj faces that are relevant even today.

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Here are 5 arranged marriage struggles Diljit’s character Suraj faces that are relevant even today:

1. Awkward Meetings

If you are meeting your prospective partner and their family for the first time, takes cues from Suraj on what NOT to say. One problem that time cannot solve is the awkwardness of the first meeting. Be it 1995 or 2020, in a bid to impress potential partner and their family, people tend to say the most hilarious and stupid things thereby making the whole meeting super awkward.

2. High Expectations

So what if the era has changed and we’re not in 1995 anymore? Expectations are still soaring when it comes to ‘how my partner should be’. With arranged marriages, one does not know their partner priorly so they have a set of expectations from them which are almost always never met much like in the case of Suraj, and that often leads to disappointment or breakups.

3. Can he or she speak English?

For whatever reason, being able to speak English is considered to be a bonus point when it comes to arranged marriages. Just like Suraj, even now people are often encouraged to speak in English when meeting their partner for the first time so as to impress them. Now, this may not be an issue for those who know the language, but for those who don’t – this is considered to be quite a problem.

4. Lies

Who does not try to oversell themselves to find a nice groom or bride? The only difference between then and now is that earlier it used to happen through word of mouth and now it happens through matrimonial websites. People lie on their matrimonial profiles to make themselves look good and to increase their chances of getting picked. Suraj hid his drinking, likewise, people would be hiding many other things.

5. Someone who opposes the marriage 

Be it love marriage or arranged, 1995 or 2020 – there is always someone who is going to be against two people getting together. For Suraj, it turned out to be his love interest’s brother and for others, it might be someone else. Irrespective of the era we live in, sadly this problem does not seem to go away.

Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari also stars Annu Kapoor and Vijay Raaz and is streaming now only on Zee5!

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