Suraj Holalu Yogish To Replace Chethan Vicky As THE LEAD HERO ‘Muttu’ On Yaare Nee Mohini

Have you noticed that Namma Muttu has been missing for a few days on the show? Well, here’s the reason why!

Parinika Uchil

September 17, 2019

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Zee Kannada’s Yaare Nee Mohini is a show that revolves around family, truth, love, betrayal and after-life. Since its inception, it has focussed on traditional ideologies. The lead characters of the show are Muttu – the sole heir of his mansion, Belli – a girl who has been madly  in love with him since she was a kid, Chithra – Muttu’s wife, who was brutally killed by his step-mother Neelambari and is now a restless spirit and Maya – a distant relative of Muttu, who is obsessed with him and will do everything in her capacity to eliminate anyone who stands in her way.

Recently, we heard that actor Chethan Vicky, who played Muttu, had to, unfortunately, quit the show because of a serious ligament tear. However, the search for a replacement was starting to prove difficult until the producer Shruti Naidu got in touch with actor Suraj Holalu Yogish, who worked for a famous show on another channel. She had to convince him and instil confidence in him as he had to take over from where someone else left off.

In an interview on a leading daily channel, Suraj revealed how Shruti convinced him and why he was apprehensive initially. “I had got the offer from the channel about a month-and-a-half ago, but I had this self-imposed policy of not wanting to be anyone’s replacement on a daily soap. That’s when Shruti called me. She managed to convince me to break my resolve of not wanting to be anyone’s replacement. She said I had it in me to make it on my own and of course, the payment was also good,” he said.

Yaare Nee Mohini | 17.09.2019 | 7.30 PM | On Zee Kannada

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Zee Kannada यांनी वर पोस्ट केले मंगळवार, १७ सप्टेंबर, २०१९

As compared to Chethan’s calm and composed nature, Suraj explained how his personality will affect his onscreen character too. He said, “For example, my introduction in the serial will happen through a fight sequence breaking away from the usual norm of the boy next door kind. I was shown as the stylish type in Kulavadhu. In Yaare Nee Mohini, I play a traditional boy with strong views. I am confident that the audience will easily take to me.”

How will you feel after a new Muttu appears on the show? Let us know your thoughts in the space given below.

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