Super Singh: How Happy AKA Meherbaan Singh Awakens The Singh In Sajjan AKA Diljit Dosanjh

Who says a child cannot guide you towards a righteous path? Little Happy is responsible for bringing out the Singh in Super Singh. Read on to know-how


August 16, 2020


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How many times have you heard this said to a kid? “Bacha hai tu. Bado jaisi baatein na kar.” Kids might be naive but they do have intelligence and sometimes their unique style of thinking can give birth to a pathbreaking idea or life-saving advice. Similarly, little Happy Singh (Meherbaan Singh) helps to bring out the hero in Sajjan Singh (Diljit Dosanjh) from Super Singh.

Watch how people love Super Singh in the song Super Singh Ji Aaya:

Happy – The Best Friend Of Sajjan

Happy is a little boy who lives with his mother in Sajjan’s neighbourhood. Unfortunately, he is battling cancer but he is brave enough to live his life in the most positive manner. Sajjan takes care of Happy when his mother goes to work. Sajjan likes being in Happy’s company and tells his mother that Happy is the one who looks after him instead of the other way round. In fact, Sajjan calls him Ustaad.

Happy Singh and Sajjan Singh (Source: ZEE5)

Happy – The True Sikh

Happy is a true Sikh. While watching the film, you’ll be amazed by him. He knows the heritage and the bravery of Sikhs. Happy’s mother works double shifts to bear his medical expenses. One day while leaving for work, she hands over cash to Happy for his medicine. However, when an old beggar asks him for money, he gives it all away. Sajjan tries to stop him but he says that when someone asks for help, Guru’s Sikhs never refuse them. He says that when someone has put their faith in Sikhs in the past, they have given their lives for them. This is merely 50 dollars. Sajjan is impressed by his goodness.

Happy with Sajjan helping a beggar (Source: ZEE5)

How Happy Shows Sajjan The Righteous Path 

Sajjan was ready to give up his identity, his turban for a firangan named Cathy. He’s at the barber’s and he is ready to take off his turban when he receives a call from Happy’s mother. Sajjan rushes to the hospital and Happy’s mother tells him that Happy does not want to get chemotherapy. She asks for Sajjan’s help in convincing him. Happy tells Sajjan that the doctor has asked to cut his hair for the therapy and being a true Sikh, he would rather die than cut his hair. This shakes Sajjan out of a deep sleep. Sajjan says that cutting hair is necessary for the treatment, to which Happy says that he’s not afraid of cancer and he will choose death over losing his identity. This is the moment when Sajjan cries and hugs him, and tells him that he is a true ustaad. Sajjan confesses his mistake before God and promises to keep his identity intact.

Diljit Dosanjh as Sajjan Singh and Meharbaan Singh as Happy Singh (Source: ZEE5)

So this is how a little boy helped Sajjan become the superhero he is. His journey from Sam to Sajjan to Super Singh is possible because of Happy. Happy is a character that can inspire anyone. What’s your take on Happy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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