Super Singh Diljit Dosanjh vs Alexa! Watch the epic battle here!

Super Singh Diljit Dosanjh has a ‘clash’ with a piece of technology. Take a look inside!


August 18, 2020


2 min


New technology works to make our life better. But sometimes, gadgets confuse and frustrate us in equal measure. Super Singh actor Diljit Dosanjh is in a similar dilemma. He’s had a battle of wits with a gadget! Sounds strange, doesn’t it? Check it out here!

Before that, watch the title song of Super Singh here:

Diljit and Alexa 

Even during the lockdown, Diljit regaled his fans with his cooking videos and kept them entertained. Recently, Diljit shared a video where he’s enjoying making a smoothie and listening to songs. Diljit was happily interacting with his live audience and then Diljit asked Alexa to stop the music. That’s where all hell broke loose. Watch the interesting banter between Diljit and Alexa above.

Diljit got into loggerheads with Alexa as she refused to put on his song! Diljit kept shouting, “Alexa play Clash by Diljit Dosanjh.” But Alexa plated some other song. Diljit mocked Alexa, calling her jhooti!

Source: Instagram

After a bit of back and forth, Alexa finally played the right song. Diljit concluded the video by saying that if you’re weak in English, then the gadget can make you go nuts. This unintentionally hilarious banter between Diljit and Alexa proved he is a master of entertainment.

Do you also have a gadget that makes you go nuts? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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