Sunny Leone’s Shocking Revelation About Her Dating Russel Peters. Confesses It As A Mistake

Sunny Leone has recently revealed that she once dated comedian Russell Peters and it turned out to be a big mistake



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Bollywood actress and former adult film star Sunny Leone in conversation with Cineriser Media confessed that she once dated Russell Peters but it didn’t go down too well for them and that it was a huge mistake which she would like to erase from her life and forget about it.

During her conversation with Cineriser upon her upcoming Tamil psychological thriller Shero, she said, “You know how you are best friends with someone and just adorably love them like nuts and then you think that you both can end up together and live the rest of your lives happily in each other’s arms. That’s a lie. It just spoils many things and also affects the friendship which eventually gets ruined because of the forced dating.”

She further adds on, “I absolutely adore Russell. We respect each other for whatever we are today. If I see him now, I will go give him a tight hug and spend time with his family, get to know them and will catch up with him. Just like friends do. But if you ask me whether dating him was a good thing or bad, then I’d like to say that it was not a good thing. That’s exactly the kind of advice which no one should pass on to kids these days. Also, adults. Never try to forcefully date each other if you guys are friends. Keep the relationship where it belongs to, and you’ll be happy.”

Sunny is happily married to American producer Daniel Weber and they have three beautiful children, Nisha, Noah & Asher.

On the work front, The Jism 3 actress just returned from Kerala after a two-month long schedule of MTV Splits villa’s 13th season, for which she is the celebrity host. This was the first time after lockdown was imposed last year that Sunny shot for something. She was away from the silver screen ever since coronavirus affected our lives. Sunny was living in the US with her family during the whole pandemic up until now.

She will now be seen in Shero, which is a Tamil psychological thriller which revolves around a holiday and the happenings on it. She will be portraying the role of Sarah Mike, a US born woman with Indian roots. It also happens to be the first film where Sunny has performed all the stunts by herself.

She said, “Shero made me push my own limits. It made me feel that you set your own limits, you control them. Nobody can stop you from doing anything. I’m a person who loves to

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