Sunny Kaushal Reveals Kaushal Family’s Reaction To Vicky-Katrina Kaif’s Engagement Reports

It worked as efficiently as laughing gas, the whole Kaushal family let out peels of laughter reading about Vicky Kaushal-Katrina Kaif engagement



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Sometimes people get overzealous about couples they really like and hope to see them married. Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif, despite their ‘no comments’ policy, have many fans. There are several who are hoping that the couple soon ties the knot, and makes it official. However, either Katrina nor Vicky have made any comments about taking their relationship forward. But seeing the couple going strong, there were very strong rumours about the two getting engaged. Reports claimed there was a hush-hush roka and more, despite there being an official disclaimer, the reports went on to speak about a wedding in December, this year.

So it was hardly a surprise that the Kaushal household would have missed the whole buzz. But their way of coping with it was rather unique. Sunny, Vicky Kaushal’s brother was the one who broke the silence and let us in on the insider new. The actor said, the day the rumour broke out, his brother Vicky had gone to the gym. When the congratulatory messages started reaching their parents, they kept waiting for Vicky to reach home, as soon as he did, they cheekily asked him, ‘Arre yaar, teri engagement ho gayi, mithai to khila de’. Vicky being their son was equally quick to retort to their funny question, he said as ‘real’ as the engagement is, the sweets will be equally real! The whole family ended up laughing listening to his reply. Sunny is still perplexed as to how did the rumours start in the first place, “We still don’t know how it all started.”

On the real tip, both Vicky and Katrina are keeping busy with their careers. Vicky we last heard was busy shooting for Karan Johar’s Mr. Lele opposite Kiara Advani. The two were much appreciated in Lust Stories so Mr. Lele already has a plus point.

Katrina Kaif on the other hand is cruising across the world shooting for the next segment of the Tiger franchise.

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