Sunitha’s Birthday Special: The singer who’s ageing like fine wine…or not ageing at all!

It is almost like our favourite Drama Juniors judge never ages, and here’s the proof of it!

Bhavna Gandikota

May 10, 2021


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Sunitha Upadrasta is one of the country’s most celebrated playback singers. To add to the feathers in her cap, she is also a judge on the Zee Telugu show Drama Juniors-The Next Superstar, She turns 43, but it seems like she stopped ageing long back! Here are a few photos of the singer to prove the same.

Watch a glimpse from the latest episode of Drama Juniors-The Next Superstar right here!

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1) By the beach

Sunitha looks as stunning as the surroundings she is in! There is no way she won’t steal your hearts with even a simple picture like this! It is also refreshing to see her in casuals like this as opposed to the silk sarees she always slays in.

2) Always stunning 

Sunitha is a poser, and that quality seems to have never left her. She looks absolutely gorgeous in this dress and we could never believe that she is 43!

3) Always young at heart

She might be getting older on paper but her skin and spirit suggest otherwise! She seems to be young enough to enjoy Times Square, New York like any other youngster. We love how she vibes with the city completely!

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4) A smile is all she needs

Would you believe us if we said that this picture was from two years back? While there would not be a drastic change in most people, it would still be noticeable. However, Sunitha is made to defy all the laws of ageing.

5) Seems like yesterday

If the last picture did not surprise you, then have a look at this one. This picture was taken almost a decade ago, but we would still believe her if she said that she took it yesterday.

6) Almost like siblings!

This picture of Sunitha standing with her son feels like she is standing with her sibling. There is no way you would even think that she is his mother, till she told you so!

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