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Suniel Shetty Completes 29 Years Walk In Bollywood; Thanks Media To Keep Him Alive


September 24, 2021

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Suneil Shetty has alot to shares after being in the industry for nearly three years. Being called a wooden to today fitting well in all shades of characters, the actor has walked a long way

Suniel Shetty has seen the industry very closely and over the years he’s given some absolutely attention grabbing performances that no matter where you start that film you wouldn’t want to change and see something else. With lots of downfalls and appraisal, Shetty has always put his best look forward on screen. He began his walk with the film Balwaan in 1992.

Completing such a long journey Shetty told a leading daily that In these 29 years, he’s tasted success as well as failure. From, 2015 onwards, he disappeared completely for some years. And despite that also, when you see the love (from fans), you realise there must be something right that you’d have done right. People, including the media, kept him alive, and suddenly you feel you have a new lease of life. But through Shetty’s ups and down, he didn’t let go of anything. He kept himself fit, relevant, active and continued to do the kind of work he was doing.

From someone who was called wooden to having delivered iconic films like Border, Hera Pheri, Hu Tu Tu or Mohra, people still talk about these films so many memes are still floating on the internet even today.

Now, Shetty is happy to explore new stories in this phase of his career, and he shares the roles coming his way are doing justice to his age, justice to my past work

Suniel is also very happy to the industry change so much and give him roles which suit him and his current looks.

Athiya Shetty and Ahaan Shetty are Suniel’s children. Athiya has made appearances in a few films. Shetty also credits people for keeping his career alive during the dull period and he considers himself blessed for that. Everybody says that they think he sucks up to the media and that’s not true at all. They’ve kept him alive. And if he won’t appreciate that, then why is he doing whatever hes doing

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