Sunday without plans? Enjoy a good laugh by watching Allari Naresh starrer Sudigadu

There is no way that Allari Naresh cannot fix your mood. Today, travel back to 2012 and enjoy his out-and-out comedy film Sudigadu on ZEE5.

Sneha Bale

November 22, 2020


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A good laugh every day can keep many unnecessary worries at bay! Sunday night, once upon a time, called for celebrations and gathering. However, even as the nation starts to adjust to Unlock, gatherings and parties aren’t possible. In such a case, there’s only one who can keep your company – and that’s a good film. This Sunday, we suggest you check out Sudigadu on ZEE5, starring Allari Naresh.

Watch the film here:

Directed by Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao of Annavaram fame, Sudigadu also stars Monal Gajjar, Jayaprakash Reddy, Hema and Kovai Sarala. The film is a action-entertainer which spoofs the Tamil film titled Thamizh Padam. This comedy outing turned out to impress audiences, critics and even broke box office records. A popular channel called it a ‘laugh-riot’ from start to end. Also, Allari Naresh plays a dual role as the father and son in this film.

The story begins when Kamesh and his wife — a humble middle-class couple — are blessed with a baby boy. Shockingly, the baby is born with six-pack abs and grows up with superhuman capabilities, just like any masala movie hero. He is named Shiva and lives a usual life until the situations demand otherwise. Like most heroes, even Shiva has enemies. And the biggest of them is Thikkal Reddy.

A Still from Sudigadu
A still from Sudigadu

The enmity amongst them forms because Reddy’s elder son encounters Shiva when he was just a toddler. While his son tried to find shelter around the baby, after committing a crime, he dies in the room — and the reason is Shiva. How he manages to kill him is what you need to look out for. But later, Shiva decides to take on his enemies. When everything seems to be in place, a new don takes over his life and wrecks havoc. But that don turns out to be close family.

What could this mystery be? Watch the film to find out.

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