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Sumangali Bhava: These 4 emotional moments will make you empathise with Vaidehi!

Tom Francis

October 2, 2020

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Vaidehi from Sumangali Bhava seems to be paying for Surya’s mistakes. How long can she suffer?

Sumangali Bhava tells the story of Vaidehi (Darshana Das), who dreams of becoming a successful independent woman. Only after her marriage, she figures out that her dreams are going to be shattered by her husband who is a psychopath. Vaidehi figures out that her husband Suryanarayanan is over-possessive and fights for separation.

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We have seen Vaidehi trying her best to overcome challenges, but her fate seems to bring her down all the more. Here are the four moments on Sumangali Bhava, where we all empathised with Vaidehi!

#1 Vaidehi feels betrayed by Sidharthan

Sidharthan tells the family he is not ready for the marriage (source:ZEE5))
Sidharthan tells the family he is not ready for the marriage (Source: ZEE5))

After a long fight with her psychopathic husband Surya, Vaidehi tries to restart her life with Sidharthan. As their engagement ceremony takes place, Sidharthan reveals that he is backing out from the proposal.

Vaidehi, who was overcoming from Surya‘s trauma is unable to believe that Sidharthan is also going to betray her. We were left in tears when Vaidehi asks everyone gathered to leave as she has lost hope in living a happy life ahead.

#2 Vaidehi leaves Ramachandran’s care

Vaidehi prepares to leave (source:ZEE5)
Vaidehi prepares to leave (Source: ZEE5)

Vaidehi decides to leave Ramachandran and his family as her engagement with Sidharthan is cancelled. Meanwhile, Meenakshi apologises to her for Sidharthan’s behaviour and tells her about her late husband Sahadevan.

Meenakshi tells Vaidehi that she has accepted her as a daughter-in-law and she will make Sidharthan marry her. But Vaidehi stays adamant on her decision to move out.

#3 Surya meets with an accident

Suryan in the hospital (source:ZEE5)
Surya in the hospital (Source: ZEE5)

Many of the fans of the Malayalam serial Sumangali Bhava expected Vaidehi to return to Surya. The story takes a quick turn when Surya gets into an accident, leaving Vaidehi without any hope for a future.

Things take an unfortunate turn when Karthika sets a trap for Surya and asks Shankaran to invite Vaidehi to the hospital. She explains how she is planning to eliminate Vaidehi from Surya’s life so that she can have him forever.

#4 Surya hurts Vaidehi

Surya and Vaidehi (source:ZEE5)
Surya and Vaidehi (Source: ZEE5)

Remember when Vaidehi gained the courage to criticise Suryanarayanan’s eccentric behaviour? His reactions to her words were unpredictable as the audience never expected Surya to hurt her. While she continues to tell him about his grandfather and the many mistakes he made in their relationship, Surya loses control and slaps Vaidehi. Do you think Vaidehi can transform Surya into a better man? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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