Struggle To Stardom: Don’t Miss The Inspiring Journey Of Vetrivel’s M. Sasikumar

It is Sasikumar’s movies that stand as a legacy unlike those chosen few who claim to have a lineage in the film industry.

February 16, 2020


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Some ten years back M Sasikumar was not the name of the masses. In fact, it would not be surprising if this name was only known amongst the closed circuit of the Tamil cinema industry. Born as Mahalingam Sasikumar in a farmer’s family, this director-turned-actor has closely witnessed the struggle in the industry. Although today this actor is considered to be one of the pioneers of the Tamil industry, there was a time when this Vetrivel actor had to face issues even for screening his first movie.

Watch how Vetrivel manages to solve the issue between Rajamanickam and Kayavarnam in the movie Vetrivel.

In Vetrivel, we see Sasikumar playing the titular role, dealing with the topic of family feuds and social restrictions all set in the backdrop of a small village in Tamil Nadu. While see Sasikumar doing a fabulous in portraying the role of Vetrivel, it comes as no surprise that this movie also has a setup of the village. As in one of his interviews to a national daily the actor had stated about his love for such themes and called himself as a farmer who turned into a filmmaker.

M Sasikumar
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It is true that Sasikumar has been active in the film industry for almost two decades now, but it was his debut venture Subramaniapuram that paved a path for this talented filmmaker. As far his struggle to be that known face of the industry is concerned Sasikurmar had to face a lot of difficulties to even get his first film released. As he and his team were brand new, many of the famous theatres in Chennai declined to offer a space for this movie. It was only through positive reviews from the public and the others in the industry that this movie finally became the cult classic and reached a stature from where there is no looking back.

So, Sasikumar is a self-made man as far his cinema journey is concerned. It is his movies that stand as a legacy unlike those chosen few who claim to have a lineage in the film industry.

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