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Sruthi Jayan Becomes The Godly Woman Saroja In The Power-Hungry And Greedy Land Of G.O.D

Sneha Bale

October 10, 2019

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Meet Saroja, the only one in the land of Dharmapuri who fears god and asks for mercy upon all. Read more about her here

The border town of Dharmapuri is drowning in angst. The men have one motto – power over the land and the people. They are hungry, amoral and politically wrong. But that seems to be the law of the land. Lack of peace and illiteracy are two things they have no idea about. All you need is an enemy and a silly cause. In this battle for Dharmapuri, the good goes wrong and the wrong goes worse, without one knowing where they are going. How will they find themselves and restore peace in this forbidden land? Maybe it will take a woman?

Watch the trailer here:

Now that we have met our protagonist, Venu Reddy (played by Satyadev) and his father Pratap Reddy (played by Raj Deepak Shetty), it’s time to meet the force behind the two men – Saroja – played by Shruthi Jayan. Saroja is the supportive wife of Pratap Reddy and the loving mother to their sons Venu and Ravi Reddy. She wants the men of her family to be hailed by the people. But she also knows the darkness her men like to be surrounded by.

She wanted the best for her men but soon she learns about the misdeeds and resorts to the almighty. Saroja is probably the only one who prays to God for forgiveness and mercy. Not for things that she has done but for the things that her husband and son have gotten themselves into. The men around her maybe masculine and powerful but benevolence is the strongest asset. Always extending the hand of help, Saroja plans to reduce the hell that will lose upon her family, sooner or later.

Shruti Jayan and Satyadev Kancharla In GOD
Shruti Jayan and Satyadev Kancharla In GOD

Will she succeed in her quest? Watch the 10-episode series on October 23rd to find out, only on ZEE5. For now, check out B.Tech here.

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