Sriimurali Will Inspire You To Get Rid Of Your Monday Blues, Here’s How!

Need some #MondayMotivation? Sriimurali will inspire you to workout in order to chase the blues away!


February 3, 2020


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Mufti actor Sriimurali is the epitome of hotness and is now serving as a motivation to get us through the week with his perfect selfie, which he recently took at a gym. Well, we all saw his performance in Mufti; wasn’t he incredible? The action-oriented movie required the actors to perform a number of stunts that comes from a lot of training and dedication towards health and fitness. And Sriimurali proved that he more than deserved to be a part of the film, given his enthusiasm to keep fit. So if you’re looking to hit the gym but have zero motivation to, maybe these five benefits of working out, will get you going. And believe us, Sriimurali too is aware of these factors and uses them to keep at it!

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Mental Satisfaction

Exercising has proven to make one feel happier.  Working out can regulate stress and anxiety and increase brain sensitivity which also reduces feelings of depression.

Helps Maintain Skin

Moderately exercising helps in producing more natural oxidants than usual, which help protect cells in your body. Be it walking or running, any form of exercise helps stimulate blood flow and improve skin cell adaptations that can delay the appearance of skin aging.

Weight Loss

Exercising regularly helps get rid of unnecessary weight, thereby making you healthier. A lesser-known fact is that combining aerobic exercise with resistance training, can help in fat loss and maintaining muscle mass. Doesn’t he look like a handsome hunk in this one?

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

Reduce The Risk of Chronic Disease

Exercising helps in improving insulin sensitivity in the body. Lack of physical activity has proven to be the main reason for chronic disease.  It also helps in maintaining blood pressure and fat levels in the body.

Improves Sleep Quality

Exercising can improve one of the most important aspects of life—sleep. Energy depletion within the body stimulates one’s sleep cycle.

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