Sri Lanka To Put A Ban On Wearing Burqa, 1000 Islamic Schools To Be Shut Down

Minister for Public Security, Sarath Weerasekera signed a bill awaiting the Cabinet’s approval to ban the wearing of burqas citing “national security” reasons.

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March 16, 2021

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On Saturday, a Sri Lankan government minister stated that there will be a ban on wearing burqas all around Sri Lanka. A thousand Islamic schools will also be shut down, the minister added. The news has affected Sri Lanka’s minority Muslim population. Minister for Public Security, Sarath Weerasekera said in a news conference that he had signed a paper on Friday for Cabinet’s approval to ban burqas worn by Muslim women citing “national security” reasons.

Stating it as a sign of religious extremism, the minister said that in his early days the Muslim women didn’t wear burqas. It is something that came about recently and hence the decision to ban it is important. Also, the order to ban a thousand madrassas (Islamic schools) came as “these institutions flout” the country’s education policy, he added. “Nobody can open a school and teach whatever you want to the children,” Weerasekera said in the press conference.

If the cabinet approves Weerasekera’s proposal, the burqa ban will become a legal law, and wearing it will be prohibited all across the nation. For those unaware, the proposal to ban the burqa has been there for a while, creating political tensions in Sri Lanka. The majority of Buddhist groups have demanded a ban on it stating it against the “culture and ethos” of the nation.

The news of the burqa ban has definitely created a whirlwind in global politics. Earlier, last year, the Sri Lankan government was heavily criticized for creating the Covid-19 victims – against the wish of Muslims, who bury their dead. The order was lifted following the criticism of the United States and international rights commissions.

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