Sprinting Santas Keep Santa Claus Run Alive Despite Coronavirus Restrictions

German locals run the Santa Claus Run in Michendorf with newer rules. Read further to know what the rules are.

Isha Khatu

December 8, 2020

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In Germany, every year, many sprinters run for the Santa Claus run wearing Santa costumes. This year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were restricted from running together. However, to keep the ritual alive, in the German town of Michendorf, sprinters were asked to run separately and post photos of themselves while they run in different streets.

Sprinting Santas run in the Santa Clas run amidst the COVID-10 lockdown

100s of sprinting Santas took over the German town of Michendorf on Saturday, December 6. They ran separately wearing Santa jackets and Santa hats. Some even wore the white beard to complete the look. They were also asked to post photos of themselves running in the Santa Claus Run. Sebastian Stolle, a runner and the club mascot said that they’ve been there for years, from the very beginning of this run. He added that it is very sad that they can’t run together this year. But they wanted to show their support to the club and the people running in the club every year.

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He said that normally the run is very beautifully arranged and as a mascot, he and other mascots wanted to let the others know that they weren’t alone in these difficult times. Very few locals were seen wearing the red knitted jackets with white fur and running on the streets for the annual Christmas themed event. Udo Groetzner, the chairman of the Michendorf running club said,” It is because of the coronavirus pandemic that we can’t let out annual run happen.” He mentioned that they normally have around 1000 to 1200 participants running for the event through narrow streets. They did not want them to run so closely in those narrow roads. They did not want to take responsibility for such a huge risk.

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Grid Schmidt, a runner at the Santa run said that they will wear their masks and maintain social distancing like every other plan. She added that the number of runners is now limited and they have been given different timings to run according to the schedule. Like every year, this year, the Santa Claus run will not have a starting line and time. The runners can run anywhere they want in the time they have been given. Germany had managed to bring down the coronavirus cases in April, but are now experiencing the second wave. While schools and shops are kept open, restaurants and bars have been shut to prevent more cases.

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