#SpreadTheCheer Rani Rashmoni’s Rani maa is nothing less than a wish tree for the people around her, here’s how

Here’s why we think Rani Rashmoni’s Rani Maa is a wish tree for the people fortunate enough to have lived around her.

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December 17, 2020


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The year 2020 has given us several challenges during its due course and has not been the best one for most people in the world. We faced countless ups and downs as the year progressed. But amid all the negativity in the world, some of us managed to have our loved ones close by who took care of all our desires. So with the upcoming season of joy and giving, we wanted to look back at all the times that Rani Rashmoni‘s Rani Maa (played by Ditipriya Roy) was a form of wish tree for everyone around her.

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Not too long ago, Rani Maa was told that a few men were found lying unconscious at the ghat. After Bhupal informed Rani Maa of the scary occurrence, she was also told that the men had been brought over to Janbazar as there was no other place they could be taken to at that point of time. Hearing this, Rani Maa immediately asked for a doctor to be called to Janbazar to check on their health. She did not hesitate to provide the men with shelter and medical services even though there was no extra help available as all the helpers were at the temple. Her selfless helpfulness was a huge blessing to the men.

Rani Rashmoni
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Another time when the temple fell short of hibiscus flowers to be given to the devotees, Rani Maa turned furious. She declared that there was nothing as ‘too many devotees’ as it was only natural for people to want to worship their god. She even held Mathurbabu responsible for the lack of proper management of the holy flowers that each devotee deserves. She ordered that more quantities of the hibiscus flowers be kept at the temple in order for them to avoid such a shortage again.

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Once when rebels took refuge in Rani Maa’s residence, she was kind enough to let them stay there without any major conditions. More so, when the British soldiers arrived at their place to capture and kill the rebels, Rani Maa stood between them to protect them from any harm. Her selflessness to protect people who were not even her own family set a great message for many around the world.

Rani Rashmoni
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Rani Maa also had a huge hand in the change of widow remarriage laws back then. She fought for the rights of the women who had lost their husbands to let them have a better life ahead. With the help of Vidyasagar, Rani Maa set widows free from the bindings of society as the law finally changed in their favour. In many more similar instances, Rani Maa proved to be the wish tree for numerous people around her. She was the light amidst darkness who brought a joyous smile to people’s faces.

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