SpaceX’s Dragon Crew Successfully Docks With International Space Station; To Have Crew-1 For 6 Months

Space X’s Dragon Crew docks with the Internationa;l Space Station after being launched from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Have a look at all the details about the recent mission here.

Sania Kader

November 18, 2020

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The SpaceX capsule docked with the International Space Station on Tuesday, creating a historic moment. This is the first time a privately-owned space capsule is being launched into space with four astronauts on board. The ride took the crew close to 27 hours before the docking process was completed with a proper automatic system with sensors and cameras. This group of astronauts are expected to stay at the space station for the next six months before a new crew is dispatched from the earth. The SpaceX capsule has been named Crew Dragon Spacecraft while the mission is called Crew-1.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with all details related to Crew Dragon’s first mission here:

SpaceX’s Crew Dragon Spacecraft docked with the International Space Station on Tuesday, with three NASA astronauts, Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Shannon Walker and a Japanese astronaut named Soichi Noguchi. The docking took place on Tuesday evening, after being launched from Florida on the previous day. The Crew Dragon system is completely automated, which means that the crew does not have to feed any input for the docking process to initiate or end. The four crew members united with Kate Rubins, Sergey Ryzhikov, and Sergey Kud-Sverchkov who have been in the International Space Station since October.

The above-attached video showcases the Crew-1 welcome ceremony which was held virtually between the two parties. The astronauts shared their experiences so far and stated that they have been enjoying this ride even though it was slightly lengthy. They also stated that they have a lot of utilization ahead of them and they are all set to get to work.

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The Dragon Crew mission is a huge milestone for astronomy as this is the first crewed mission to be executed on a privately built space capsule. The capsule was bought by NASA as a part of their Commercial Crew Program, which will include carrying astronauts to space in groups of four, multiple times in a year. The Dragon Crew mission is expected to act as the first step in the privatization of space missions, which is a new and major concept within itself.

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