Sowkarpettai Review: 5 Reasons To Watch Srikanth And Raai Laxmi’s Horror Flick

Here are five compelling reasons why you should put the horror-comedy Sowkarpettai on your #Lockdown watchlist. Read on to know what they are.


April 22, 2020


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Sowkarpettai, starring Srikanth and Raai Laxmi in lead roles, is one of the scariest movies of 2016. Written and helmed by Vadivudaiyan, the film revolves around a couple, Vetri (Srikanth) and Maya (Raai Lakshmi), who are killed by the moneylender Gothra (Suman) and his sons. The couple return as ghosts to haunt and torture their murderers as vengeance. Besides Srikanth and Laxmi, the film also features Saravanan, Suman, Vadivukkarasi, Singampuli, Manobala, Powerstar Srinivasan and Thalaivasal Vijay in prominent roles. Scroll down to see why we think Sowkarpettai must be included in your #Lockdown watchlist.

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Here are five good reasons to watch the film.

1. Raai Laxmi

When it comes to performances in the horror flick, the female leads (actresses) nail it. Raai Laxmi too, who has been impressing us with her good looks, has skyrocketed our expectations by giving a terrific performance as a ghost in Sowkarpettai. In this film, the actress proved that she could convincingly flip between a warm-hearted girlfriend and a bloodthirsty predator; She owned her role as Maya in Sowkarpettai.

2. Comedy

The awesome threesome comedians Saravanan, Singampuli, and Manobala made us laugh our guts out with their brilliant comic timing and one-liners. Without Singampuli’s comedy bits in the film, the story would have been guilty of taking itself too seriously. All three comedians were good in their respective parts, providing comic relief amidst the suspense and fright.

3. Overall Performances

Srikanth played a dual role in the film and managed to embrace both – a glorified hero and a nasty villain – with brilliance. It was some on-point acting just as the roles demanded in the film. Meanwhile, Vadivukkarasi too did a decent job. Saravanan, Singampul, and Manobala too did their bit to make us laugh, taking the intensity away from some scary scenes.

4. Easy Watch

Sowkarpettai is simple to understand and can be enjoyed by all audiences. It’s definitely an easy film and if you’re looking for a mindless watch this week, then what’s better than to catch this juicy horror-comedy as it will help ward off your #lockdown blues. And it will surely be a treat for all her fans to watch the sultry Laxmi Raai in a saree throughout the film.

5. Horror Plot

Vadivudaiyan made sure to have plenty of jump scares to keep the audiences at the edge of their seat throughout the film. And if you’re someone who loves horror movies and grew up watching them, Sowkarpettai will bring back your scariest memories. So give it a watch for a much-needed dose of frights.

Bankrolled by S Sakthivel, Sowkarpettai is another horror film that follows the tried-and-tested path of ghostly apparitions avenging their deaths, albeit with some interesting twists. You can now catch the film on the streaming platform, ZEE5.

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