Sourav Ganguly Admitted To Hospital Following Chest Pain, Undergoes Stent Procedure

Fans were worried as Sourav Ganguly rushed to hospital for the second time this month. Check it out.

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February 1, 2021

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BCCI president Sourav Ganguly was once again admitted to the hospital after suffering a chest discomfort. The former Indian team captain underwent an additional stenting after being taken to the Woodlands Hospital in Kolkata on Wednesday. Ganguly was rushed to the hospital after going through uneasiness and chest pain on Tuesday night while at his home.

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It is confirmed that the ex-cricketer went through a series of medical tests before beginning with his next course of treatment. This is the second time Ganguly was admitted to the hospital this month and was set to undergo angiography, as doctors confirmed that another stent insertion seemed necessary.

Earlier in January, the BCCI president underwent angioplasty after suffering a blackout, following his practice session at home. He had a stent inserted in a coronary artery before being discharged on January 7 after confirming to be ‘stable’ before being readmitted on Wednesday with related issues.

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Replying to the rumours surrounding the situation, the officials at Woodlands Hospital released a press statement. It stated that “there is no change in his parameters since his last hospitalization and vital parameters are stable.” After his earlier discharge, Ganguly was on oral medication and was under strict monitory by doctors at home daily.

Meanwhile, one of the expert consultant cardiologists confirmed that Ganguly had no heart damage during his last discharge. Fans of the former captain was relieved to hear the news of his discharge, the last time.

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