Sonu Sood On Not Just Supper Stars: I Wanted To Play Cricket For India

Sonu also revealed that his 10-year-old son is passionate about cricket and that the way he plays, he can be the youngest entrant in the Indian team.

Aayushi Sharma

December 1, 2019


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Sonu Sood is an engineer, a musician, plays cricket, has the hot-bod that can put many actors to shame and is one of the sought-after names in Bollywood. The actor has been a part of several blockbuster movies including Simmba, Happy New Year, Paltan, Dabangg and many more. However, he never planned to enter the acting arena. In fact, it was only after he completed his engineering that he decided to give it a shot! During his appearance on Not Just Supper Stars, Sonu talks about his college days, having a music band of his own and how he wishes his son fulfills his dream of playing for the country.

“I never thought of becoming an actor,” Sonu clarifies to host Gunjan Utreja early on in the episode. He adds: “Once I finished my engineering, I spoke to my mom and told her I wanted to pursue my dream. Let me try for a year. She said, ‘Just make it happen. If you want to do it, just make it happen.’ I was surprised, as I was the only boy in my family, they were waiting for me to complete my engineering, come back to Punjab and join the family business.”

Gunjan quizzes Sonu about being a musician, to which he replies: “We had a band in college. We started something but couldn’t take it to where we wanted. We had that pressure when we came to Nagpur to achieve something, work really hard and make our parents proud. I also wanted to play cricket for my country. I was hunting one academy after another, but one wants to do so many things.”

Sonu asserted that he does wish his son lives his dream of becoming a cricketer. The proud father says: “He is 10 and he plays with under-16 boys. He plays really well. The way he plays, he can be the youngest entrant in the Indian team. I coach him and there is a trainer for him as well. He spends hours and hours training and playing, I can see that passion in him. When he achieves what I wanted to achieve, I will see the dreams come true.”

Sonu was joined by his fitness trainer and friend Yogesh Bhateja on the show who revealed that when he first met Sonu, he entered the gym holding crutches. “I remember I was playing cricket in Cochin. Then I played in Dubai, at the boundary line I injured my leg. I got some six fractures and the doctor told me it will take at least six months to recover. I had to start three movies in the week after. I was like, ‘Now all my dates are gone.’ But once I started training, I think in 40 days I was back,” Sonu recalls.

Watch more such candid confessions by Sonu Sood on this episode of Not Just Supper Stars below:

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