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Smita Tambe’s Look As The Lady Don Mummy From Ladachi Me Lek Ga Decoded

Kedar Koli

September 25, 2020

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We decode some of the elements used by the Ladachi Me Lek Ga actress for getting into the skin of Mummy. Read on if you’re interested to know more!

Smita Tambe, an established actress of the industry is making heads turn with her stint in Ladachi Me Lek Ga on Zee Marathi. She plays an antagonist named Mummy in this show opposite Mitali Mayekar and Aroh Welankar. Apart from her villainous personality, the actress’s menacing look as Mummy has also become the talk of the town. Since there was scope for experimenting with the character, Smita paid extra attention to the style to make the character look more frightsome. We have decided to decode some of the elements used by Smita for getting into the skin of Mummy. Interested in knowing what they’re? Keep scrolling to find out!

Watch the latest episode of Ladachi Me Lek Ga here.

Mummy’s accessories include everything that’s oxidised silver starting with her ear cuffs with chains. These intricately designed ear cuffs are something which makes her stand out from the crowd. Don’t you think?

Source: ZEE5

Putlyanchi Maal is a neckpiece worn traditionally by women in the rural parts of Maharashtra. This elegant piece of jewellery adds an authentic touch to the overall look of Mummy who speaks a rural dialect on the show.

Source: ZEE5

Another interesting piece of accessory that Mummy has donned is the traditional Bormal. This neckpiece is a beaded one that is commonly worn by women in Maharashtra. She pairs the Bormal with a Mangalsutra, thus completing her look in style.

Source: ZEE5

Mummy also flaunts a beautiful nose pin to highlight her pieces of silver ornaments. These nose pins are usually sported by everyone who’s a fan of piercings. It just seems to enhance the ethnic look of Mummy!

Source: ZEE5

Oh, and how can we forget the amazing sarees that Mummy steals the show with? She is often spotted in a cotton saree paired with a Khun blouse which are always in contrasting colours. We love the way Mummy carries them comfortably whilst managing her evil demeanour!

Source: ZEE5

That’s how the actress transforms into the role of Mummy, ready to terrorise people with her firearms and brawny bodyguards. Catch Smita in action on the show Ladachi Me Lek Ga streaming for free now on ZEE5.

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