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Sita on the Road review: This Kalpika Ganesh starrer is not to be missed!

Bhavna Gandikota

April 5, 2021

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Read the review for Praneeth Yaron’s directorial Sita On The Road right here!

The latest ZEE5 original movie, Sita on the Road starring Uma Lingaiah, Kalpika Ganesh, Nesa Farhadi, Gayathri Gupta, and Khatera Hakimi, is written and directed by Praneeth Yaron. Praneeth seems to have donned multiple hats for this movie, as he even composes the music for this film. This was his directorial debut and also marked the debut for Uma Lingaiah and Nesa Farhadi.

Watch the trailer for Sita on the Road right here!

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The story revolves around five women from drastically different walks of life. While Anu, played by Kalpika Ganesh is a choreographer, Uma played by Uma Lingaiah is a survivor of human trafficking. Gayathri Gupta who plays Gayatri is a housewife with lost aspirations. Meanwhile, Mohini played by Khatera Hakimi is a budding actress, and Sara played by Nesa Farhadi is a student looking for a subject for her thesis in India.

One thing that binds all these women is their quest for freedom. While they meet under mysterious circumstances, they instantly develop a thick bond and decide to go to Goa. They help each other overcome their heartbreaks and come into their own elements. One of the most heart-melting relationships is between Sarah and her driver.

Anu, Gayatri, Mohini and Uma
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From Praneeth Yaron’s music to the script, everything is built to take the story forward. The editing is pacey, and nowhere feels like the movie is being dragged. The movie is also filled with beautiful shots of Goa and Karnataka which will make you want to transport to that world almost immediately.

Gayathri Gupta will pleasantly surprise you with her performance as she owns the role. She pulls off all the layers in her characters with ease, proving that she needs to be watched out for. Meanwhile, Kalpika owns Anu like they are both the same people. Gayathri and Kalpika are the stars of the movie, but Uma, Khatera, and Nesa manage to be at par with them, through their performances!

However, the highlight of the movie is the chemistry that the girls share with each other. It is almost as if they have been friends with each other for decades. Nothing pays off in the movie as much as the climax does. It will leave an unsettling feeling that you wouldn’t have ever expected from the movie. The climax alone is the reason for this movie to be a must-watch.

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