Siberian Bear & Tiger Predicts Biden Over Trump in US Election 2020; Watch Viral Video

With votings done simultaneously today, a Siberian bear and tigers hint at their prediction about who will win US Presidential Election 2020.

Mamta Raut

November 3, 2020

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Ahead of US Presidential Election results, a Siberian bear and tiger have made their prediction about who is going to emerge victorious in this 2020 Elections. Current President Donald Trump is competing against Democratic Former Vice President Joe Biden. With the votes flowing simultaneously on Tuesday, November 3, a viral video of animals predicting election result is trending online.

In the video that is doing the rounds, a male brown Siberian bear who is kept in the Zoo is made to pick a watermelon with Donald Trump and Joe Biden’s face carved on it. The bear whose name is reported to be Buyan, when left in the cage can be seen carefully examining the two watermelons. He walks towards the food which is laid out in front of him, and after a moment’s reluctance, the bear picks Biden instead of Trump.

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The bear who reportedly is kept in the Royev Ruchey Zoo in Krasnoyarsk located in the Siberian City, sinks his teeth into the Biden watermelon and enjoys eating the delicious and juicy snack. Soon after this, an Amur tiger is also made to face a similar situation. In the cage, two watermelons with the candidate’s faces’ carved in it are place on the table for him. The Tiger, who is known as Bartek in the Zoo, also happens to pick Biden over Trump.

Lastly, even Khan, a white Bengal tiger takes some time to make his selection. However, he picks up Biden’s watermelon and plays with it for a while. Not only this but after a while, Khan can also be seen rolling the Trump-faced watermelon away. All the animals seem to have made a firm prediction, now only the end of the 2020 US Presidential election will reveal who is going to emerge victorious.

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The election date has been scheduled for today i.e. November 3. On this day, voters will have to choose their electoral college nominees who in return will vote on December 14, 2020, to either re-elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence or choose a new President.

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