Shruti Haasan In The Power Vs Anushka Sharma In NH10: Who’s The Angry Young Woman Of Bollywood?

Shruti Haasan in The Power and Anushka Sharma in NH10, are both strong women who take up the charge and wield weapons – here is a fun little comparison of the two.

Vatsal Thakore

March 11, 2021



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Movies and shows where women are seen taking charge and kicking @ss always make for an exhilarating watch. With their thrilling stories, these female characters also earn everyone’s love. Today, let us take two such women, who took charge and wielded weapons to get their revenge. Let’s pit them against each other, like in the WWE trump cards game. The characters are Parveen from The Power and Meera from NH10.


Shruti Haasan in The Power plays the role of Parveen, a woman who belongs to a mafia family. Her father was the closest aide of the city’s biggest crime family, the Thakurs. After one of the Thakurs kills Parveen’s father by putting false accusations on him, Parveen seeks revenge and swears to kill the Thakurs, whom she once loved. She also vows to kill their youngest son, Devidas (Vidyut Jammwal), because she holds him responsible for her father’s death too. From a cheerful girl, Parveen becomes a hardened woman, who wants nothing but the blood of the Thakurs.

Anushka Sharma in NH10 plays the role of Meera, a woman who is accompanying her husband on a road trip. When the duo stops at a place on the highway, they encounter a young couple running away from some goons and try to save their lives. Due to the intervention, the goons fatally injure Meera’s husband, after which, she vows revenge against them. She goes up against the evil men of the village, killing them one by one.

Where on one hand Parveen belongs to a family of criminals, Meera involuntarily gets involved in a crime world. And despite that, she manages to fulfil her vengeance. Also, Parveen takes the support of the rival gang of the Thakurs for her vendetta, whereas Meera is a lone warrior. This gives more advantage points to Meera.

‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’ – humne sirf suna tha, NH10 and The Power ne toh dikha diya!

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Where Meera takes one day to finish all the goons who were responsible for her husband’s death, Parveen has been living in the pain of betrayal and her father’s loss for years. If her pain can even make her want to kill her lover, whom she had loved since childhood, then the angry young woman is NOT to be messed with. 

If asked to rate, Meera would certainly score more than Parveen in this game. Reason? Well, firstly because she didn’t belong to a crime family and yet manage to seek her revenge. Also, she was more like a one-man army with no allies whatsoever. So having Meera in your corner or team would certainly be a good idea.

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