Shop Owner In Bandra Removes Karachi From Signboard After Being Threatened By Shiv Sena

Karachi Bakery’s owner in Bandra west was threatened to remove the word ‘Karachi’ from the name.

Isha Khatu

November 19, 2020

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Karachi Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in India which was established a few years after the partition of India and Pakistan. Recently, Shiv Sena leader Nitin Nandgaonkar asked the owner of Bandra’s Karachi bakery shop to remove Karachi from its name and rename the shop again. He gave him a few days to do so after which he said that he would take action.

Karachi Bakery was opened by Sri Khanchand Ramnani Ji who was a Sindi migrant. He moved from Karachi to Hyderabad and opened its first outlet in 1953. The bakery then opened various franchises all over India and is extremely popular. Recently, Shiv Sena leader Nitin Nandgaonkar threatened the owner of the Bandra outlet to change its name. The video that captured the conversation between the two went viral on the internet.

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Nitin Nandgaonkar first asked if the owner was a migrant. When he accepted it, Nitin said that now that he stays in Mumbai, he should not be naming the Bakery after Karachi city in Pakistan. Nitin told him that their life in Karachi was in the past and now they are living here in Mumbai, after which he said that they’re welcome here. But he mentioned that in Shiv Sena, they hate the word Karachi as Pakistan harbours most of the terrorists in the world. He asked the owner to keep a Marathi name or name it after their father or grandfather. He also said that he is giving the owner a few days to do so and re-register the name. He added that he would come to visit and buy food from the bakery himself as soon as the name is changed.

For now, the sweet shop owner has covered the word Karachi on the signboard. He told India Today that he doesn’t want any more trouble over this issue. He added that he spoke to his lawyer and in a few days he might or might not have to change the name ‘Karachi’. He mentioned that for now, he has covered the name so that they do not visit his shop again and threaten him.

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