Shocking Video Of Sand Mafia’s Onslaught Against A Toll Plaza Employee In Madhya Pradesh Goes Viral

A video of an onslaught against a toll plaza employee carried out by a sand mafia in MP went viral online recently.

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April 2, 2021

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A horrific instance caught on camera has been making the rounds on the internet lately. The instance in question is that of an onslaught against a toll plaza employee carried out by a sand mafia. The viral video that has been circulating on social media has left the netizens shocked and worried at the same time. Watch the news video below to find out more details about the instance.

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The instance took place in the Bhindi city of Madhya Pradesh on Monday evening. In the video, the victim can be seen running towards a truck carrying sand in order to stop it. However, the truck rammed into the victim leading to a grave injury.

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A leading daily claims that the toll plaza employee was trying to stop the sand-carrying truck for royalty checking. However, he was unable to do so and got gravely injured instead. As per the reports, the whole incident was witnessed by policemen armed with guns however they were unable to do anything.

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The reports also suggest that the victim was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital in Gwalior for treatment. The whole incident was captured by a nearby CCTV and now the footage has gone viral on social media.

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This is not the first time instances of onslaughter have been captured on CCTV. Just last month, a horrific video of elderly abuse was caught on camera. Even that video went viral on social media, making the netizens question the safety of the elderly in India.

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