Shocking! People Following Plant-Based Diets May Be At A Higher Risk Of Bone Fracture, Says Study

The latest study has revealed that people who follow plant-based diets may be at a higher risk of getting bone fractures.

Amir Khollam

November 24, 2020

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There have been numerous controversies and discussions over what is the ideal diet for human beings. While some swear by a meatless diet, others wolf it down every day. The global conversation around diet and nutrition has always been under the microscopic lens of enthusiasts who wish to find the optimum food sources which help them to reach their best physical selves. While veganism and vegetarianism have emerged to be one of the famous diets around the world, a new study published in the open-access journal of Biomed Central claims that vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians have a 43 per cent higher risk of getting bone fractures. Check out the video below –

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The optimum healthy diet also includes important nutrients like calcium, Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Iron which can often get sidelined in a meatless diet. The author of the study, Dr Tammy Tong, revealed that his study reached a conclusion that vegans had a higher risk of total fractures. This result was concluded after 20 more cases were found per thousand people over a period of a decade. Vegans were at 2.3 times higher risk of getting bone fractures than people who eat meat.

The study showcased furthermore that vegans who had a lower BMI and lower intakes of calcium and proteins had high risks of fractures at several sites. However, plant-based diets have been linked to lower risks of diseases related to heart and diabetes. The study admits that they are still cautious about the result showcased through the extensive research as they could not differentiate between fractures which were caused by a fall and those which happened by accident.

Furthermore, the study consisted of participants from Europe at large. The study admits that confining the results to different geographical regions and populations may not be viable. As of now, more studies are indeed required to conclude whether an entirely plant-based diet is actually superior to eating meat.

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