SHOCKING: Kurukshetra Tea-Seller Gets Rs 50 Crore Repayment Notice

Rajkumar, who supports his family by selling tea, now has a loan default of Rs 50 crore to the bank.

Jessica David

July 23, 2020

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Rajkumar, a tea-seller in Kurukshetra, Haryana, struggling to make ends meet due to the Coronavirus pandemic, approached a bank to avail a loan. His application was rejected by the bank. The reason behind the rejection, however, gave Rajkumar the shock of his life. As per the bank, he is a loan defaulter and owes them Rs 50 crore. The Kurukshetra man, who supports his family by selling tea, says he never took any loan. Rajkumar says he sells tea at a roadside stall and doesn’t understand how the bank made him a defaulter.

Rajkumar said, “I had applied for a loan as my financial situation is dire due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The bank rejected it saying that I already have a debt of Rs 50 crore. I don’t know how is it possible.” As his present business was affected due to the Coronavirus pandemic, he thought of starting a new venture to tide over the financial crisis. The tea-seller approached the bank, and as asked, showed his Aadhaar card and other documents. He was then told that he has already taken a loan of Rs 50 crore. “I cannot understand that when I have not taken any loan, then who has given this in my name and when?” asked Rajkumar.

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