SHOCKING: Abhi, Preeta Aur Guddan Are Changing Their Families? Find Out The Truth

Preeta is going away from Rishabh and Karan? Oh wait, she is not alone, she is taking Guddan and Abhi with her. What are they up to? Here’s what it’s all about.

Aditi Sharma

November 9, 2020


3 min


Abhi has always been a family person in the show Kumkum Bhagya. But this time he is all set to change his family. Even Preeta is sharing the same sentiment as she is cribbing about Luthra brothers and looking forward to leave her family. Well, these two are not alone as both Preeta and Abhi are taking Guddan with them. Take a look at how ZEE5 is changing the families in shows by bringing something new for their audience.

In this new promo, Abhi from Kundali Bhagya is talking about how change should always be constant. He also thinks about how good it would be if the family could be changed for some time. Abhi then tells his audience that now it is possible to change the family with ZEE5. How? ZEE5 brings to you their brand new element that is ZEE5 Super Family League (ZSFL)

No! You won’t witness your favourite stars playing cricket in the shows. But you will certainly see them playing. See how Guddan and Preeta ,too, are excited about ZEE5 Super Family League.

Preeta talks to her audience and mentions that she is very excited today. She tells that she is finally getting a break from Karan and Rishabh’s fights as she is getting a way to get out of it by changing her family through ZEE5 Super Family League. Will Preeta finally be leaving Luthra family? Stay tuned.

Guddan is also feeling elated as she gets to know about the idea of changing families. She enjoys the fact that changing family would be about making new stories, new dramas to witness and new bonds to celebrate. Guddan is quite right with her thought as ZEE5 Super Family League is all about new stories, new bonds and most importantly, a brand new entertainment platform.

Get excited! ZEE5 brings you ZEE5 Super Family League. Are you ready to see your favourite stars changing their families? Stay tuned for more updates.

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