Shivani Jain, A Young Entrepreneur Has Become An Inspiration For Many, Read Her Story

In three years, Shivani’s startup idea has flourished into an efficient business that is spreading across Madhya Pradesh and Bihar. Read on for more.

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March 16, 2021

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Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial state of the nation is in a bit of turmoil. While many people have lost their jobs, a few youngsters are turning out to be an inspiration for everyone. Similarly, a Bhopal-based entrepreneur Shivani Jain has grabbed everyone’s attention with her flourishing startup business. The 28-year-old is an engineering graduate specialized in automotive design. After working for almost five years in Dehradun, Shivani returned to her hometown to establish a business of her own.  And her story has become an inspiration for everyone.

Shivani had been an employee under companies like the Society of Automotive Engineers India and L&T Group. However, in 2018, she decided to quit her job and returned back to Bhopal. In February 2018, through her startup, ‘Mapps’ Shivani created a tracking solution software called Track Always. And now after three years, she has installed more than one thousand tracking devices in different types of vehicles and has done the business of about 60 lakh rupees till now.

Shivani got the inspiration for ‘TrackAlways’ after one of her younger cousins’ school bus got late while returning home from school. After inquiring about the school, the authorities informed that the bus had left the school premises and hence all the relatives were tensed. However, after two hours the bus returned and it was found that the vehicle had a breakdown in the midst of the way. And to find an efficient solution for it, she invented Track Always.

TrackAlways is now also used as an effective tool for Alzheimer’s patients and for the safety of girls. Through TrackAlways, the customers are given a tracking device, which is set up in their vehicle. And it will enable them to monitor the vehicle from the mobile app. Routes and distance can also be traced through the use of this application. The startup has gained a lot of popularity with a surge in customers across Madhya Pradesh and Bhopal.

Furthermore, Shivani has plans to work in the defense sector.

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