Shiva Suffers in Silence! 7 Problems That You Might Relate To If You Have Chubby Cheeks

To begin with, there’s the embarrassment of having one’s cheeks pinched in public by a total stranger.

October 13, 2019


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Chubby cheeks are the cutest thing among children. Those kids can get away with anything. But is it the same for adults too? You may not exactly agree with this line of thought. Well, Shiva from the Tamil series “Poove Poochodava” might just relate to this issue. Shiva, a character essayed by Dinesh Gopalsamy, has many problems to tackle in the show but the quirkiest of them all is definitely the issue of having chubby cheeks. Over the course of the story that airs on ZEE5, we see several instances where people playfully pinch his cheeks.

Watch how Shiva tries to juggle with his responsibilities and problems in the show Poove Poochoodava.

Dinesh Gopalsamy
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Generally, people find it very fascinating to pinch the cheeks of a chubby person. For them, this is just a normal way of coming to terms with a person’s cuteness. However, have you ever considered the embarrassment of having one’s cheeks pinched in the public. This is something you will understand only if you have been a victim of these serial pinchers.

Apart from those inhuman pinchers, there are other things too that a person with bigger cheeks must suffer. So, here’s a list of seven problems that you might face if you have big cheeks.

1. Limits your Vision: I mean you literally can’t even look down! If you have big cheeks, they come in the way of your vision. Don’t believe me? Okay, point your eyes down, without moving your head. All you can see are those bulging cheeks marring your view .

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2. Mistaken Identity: If somebody is meeting you for the first time, they might just assume that you have had a tooth removal surgery. Makes for mighty awkward conversation, actually, especially on dates.

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3. Rosy Cheeks to Embarrass: Your situation just gets worse if you have big cheeks and a light complexion. That might make your cheeks look rosy and give you that look of being perpetually embarrassed.

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4. Exercise for Cheeks: Oh, and the other perpetual problem! People think that having big cheeks means you are overweight. And then, what follows suit is an unending litany of workout tips.

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5. Picture Woes: When you must smile for a picture you mostly end up giving a pose which appears like you have closed your eyes while posing.

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6. Reasons to Disagree: Now, some highly intelligent people go to the extent of assuming that your big cheeks are a result of excessive drinking, which is funny and weird at the same time.

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7. Unwanted Cuteness: You might be tired of listening to this but the people who say it will never tire. In fact, you might have grown immune to this dialogue that you have a baby face.

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The list is long, and your patience may be wearing thin, but don’t lose hope so soon. No the serial pinchers won’t go away, but you will eventually find your zen mode.

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