Sherlyn Chopra Accuses Director Sajid Khan Of Sexual Misconduct

Sherlyn Chopra opens up about her painful experience behind accusing Sajid Khan of misconduct.

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January 24, 2021

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Since the #MeToo movement began on social media, a lot of women from Bollywood also came forward with their harsh experiences. Director Sajid Khan has gotten many accusations, very recently from Jiah Khan’s sister and actor Sherlyn Chopra.

Watch the detailed video of Sherlyn Chopra’s accusation here:

Sherlyn Chopra came forward and said that in April 2005, Sajid Khan had sexually exploited her. A lot of people asked her why she kept quiet till 2021 about it, and she firmly said that it is tough to put these things forward in a public domain. In 2005, she had lost her father and she was a newcomer in Bollywood and in the city of Mumbai. She said that it is unreasonable that people expect a 20-year-old girl who was new in the city and had just lost her father, to approach the cops and the media about a case like this.

She said that for some time she kept blaming herself for the incident, thinking that she should not have gone to meet Sajid Khan. Sherlyn also shared that when the #metoo movement began and she heard of the numerous women who came forward with complaints about Sajid Khan, she stopped blaming herself. Sherlyn said that she came forward and shared this story to create a social awareness above all things so that no women will have to face this in Bollywood ever again.

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Sherlyn broke down during the interview and said that 2005 was an extremely tough year for her. She said that when she had received the call from Sajid Khan, offering her a film, she had gotten really happy but had never even thought of what he would do on meeting her. She also painfully shared that when she opened up about the incident, they dismissed it saying some really disgusting things.

Speaking about the things that newcomers in Bollywood face, Sherlyn said, “I wish there was someone who taught the newcomers in Bollywood, that when someone invites you for ‘dinner’, it can mean something else. Or that when going to meet a director, you should appoint a bodyguard to go along with yourself.” She also shared that had she known the ways of the industry beforehand, her experience would have been different.

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