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Shamita Shetty Blames Singlehood; Accepts She Didn’t Talk Properly At Times With Raqesh Bapat


September 30, 2021

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Shamita Shetty has finally opened up about the times she has not been nice to Raqesh Bapat and also blames being independent and single for a long time

Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat were together on a famous controversial reality show together and have formed a tight bond with each other post that. Shamita Shetty would lose her cool on Raqesh Bapat at times and has blamed being single for a long time.

She opened up about the tiffs with Bapat and said that there were certain moments when she did not speak to him nicely, which is actually a fact. A lot of people, including her family also told Shamita that. But see, one has to understand, she’s not condoning what she did, but she thinks that’s her defence mechanism, and it naturally comes out. Shamita has been single for a very long time and is used to taking care of herself, protecting herself. In that show, she felt targeted and attacked a lot, because of the person she is with a strong voice.



She further also added that she went into defence mode and did not like the way she spoke to him sometimes. She watched one or two episodes, especially the fights, that one week that was very difficult for the couple. It was so unpleasant. Even the video they showed Shamita in the house, didn’t make her feel very nice about herself. That is definitely not something she would want to get back to with him.

Raqesh Bapat opened up to being called spineless and said that being spineless is an adjective that was used which was really not good. Because he is not spineless at all. His father was in the Army, he had a lot of spines, he has fought wars for the country and Raqesh has seen him go through the struggle of life and how he stood up for himself. His blood runs in Raqesh and he is not spineless at all. It is just that I am not a person who can pass judgments, decide who is right and wrong, especially on a game show or in general life also.


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