Shaadi Ke Siyape: 7 Real Life Couples Share Their Hilarious Wedding Day Disasters

Ashutosh Oak

May 3, 2019


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1. Alka Kaushal Aka Fancy Aunty's Real Life Wedding Siyapa

What is a wedding memory without funny incidents? Well, shaadis are meant to have mixed memories and it doesn’t feel right until there is no siyapa in it. Today, we would like to share 7 most funny siyape that happened to people at their weddings. Starting with one of the actors from the show itself, Alka Kaushal, who essays the character of Fancy aunty. On the day of her wedding, the electricity went off and everybody started panicking. One of the guests suggested the idea of turning the headlights of their cars and face it towards the hall. And this is how they managed to take Saat Phere with the help of car headlights! Wow, right?!

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2. Bin Mausam Barsaat!

Another story of a wedding siyapa is shared by Parinika Uchil and her husband Pritthis Roy. The couple recently got married in December 2018. Both of them decided to keep an open-lawn reception with pretty fairy lights as it was the winter season. But to their surprise, the heavens decided to rain on them. Their friends jokingly said that the gods are disappointed. However, the couple is sure, that the heavens were rejoicing at their union.

3. The White Wedding

The next story is shared by Dipali Turakhia and Rhys Pereira. Dipali belongs to the Jain community and got married to Rhys, who is a Roman Catholic. On their wedding day, Dipali’s makeup person was delayed by an hour and that led to a major meltdown, since she had just recovered from the trauma of having received her wedding gown a few ungodly hours before. If you are aware, the Church is quite particular about the timings. Thankfully, the priest was very understanding, and the wedding mass turned out to be quite a hit, replete with Bible’s teachings on marriage and family with a dose of humour.

4. The Busy Bride

This story is shared by Purva Khole and Sachin who got married last year in 2018. Purva shared how everything happened so quickly that she didn’t even get time to select her own wedding saree! “Say whaaat?” Purva is a journalist and she usually ends up working round the clock. The bride was so busy with her endless office meetings and editorial responsibilities that her mother and her sister ended up buying the bridal saree on her behalf.

5. The Angry Pandit Ji

This story is shared by Abhishek and Gayatri, the couple who got married in May 2017. In Hindu weddings, it has become a trend for the bride and groom to compete upon who will put the garland first. This happened at this couple’s wedding too; but what was funnier was that both of them were lifted very high and no one could reach the other. Seeing this the pandit ji got angry and was about to leave the venue. he said, “Both of you be in the clouds, I’ll leave as I have other marriages to attend to.” Pandit ji did have a point, and a sense of humour.

6. Wrong Introduction

This story is shared by Rukmini Chopra and her husband Sahil. This siyapa is the most common thing which happens at every wedding. Sahil and Rukmini got married and were happily welcoming all the guests at their reception. Relatives who had last seen Rukmini when she was a kid, kept on telling her, “Beta, itni si thi tu jab tumhe dekha tha. Yaad aaya?” Well, she didn’t know how to react to this cliched statement, so she handled it the best way she could – with an awkward smile!

7. Unknown Baraati

We are aware of the fact that there are many people who attend the wedding and are unknown to the couple. One such incident happened in this story which is shared by Avinash Nair and his wife. While welcoming all their guests, they came across an elderly person who attended the wedding and when the groom asked him about whose side he belongs, the man answered that he is related to both the families! However, no one from his family could figure out who the guy was. Gatecrashing much?

From the above-mentioned stories, have you experienced any one of them at your wedding? Let us know in the comments below.

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