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Sembaruthi’s Women Make The Show A Delight To Watch; Here’s Why!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 7, 2021

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From Sembaruthi’s kind Parvathy to a conspiring Vanaja, here is what makes the show really interesting!

The popular Tamil TV show Sembaruthi features some of the most interesting women, whom we love watching. From Parvathy’s wonderful ideas to Akhilandeswari’s pride in herself, there are many reasons why the women of Sembaruthi are extremely interesting and make the show what it is.

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Aishwarya and her character arc

One of the most interesting characters from the show is Parvathy’s sister Aishwarya played by Dheepthi Kapil. She was cold to Parvathy at first but later went on to become one of her biggest supporters. Aishwarya before and after marrying Arun is very different who tells us that there is scope for redemption in people.

Vanaja and her conspiracies

A good villain can make any story an interesting one, and Vanaja played by Laxmi, is the reason that we are constantly glued to what happens on the show. No matter how many times she fails, she is always back with interesting plans like cutting of Adithya’s electricity or trying to get Akhilandeswari arrested.

Vanaja from Sembaruthi
Source: ZEE5

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Akhilandeswari’s arrogance

Akhilandeswari is one of the main characters on the show but is also extremely flawed, she is too proud to accept Parvathy as her daughter-in-law but at the same time, she also praises her when nobody is around. We are all awaiting the day when Akhilandeswari accepts her and they live happily!

Parvathy and her intelligence 

From chiming in and solving an old couple’s problem to coming up with a beauty cream formula, Parvathy is one of the most intelligent women you will ever meet. No matter  what life throws her way, she ends up making it her strength and moving on. We love watching her tackle problems her own way, don’t we?

Parvathy in Sembaruthi
Source: ZEE5

Sembaruthi’s women are the pulse of the show, and these reasons prove why we love watching them!

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