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Sembaruthi’s Akhila Will Be Impartial In The Competition; Here Are Reasons Why We Think So!

Bhavna Gandikota

March 17, 2021

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As Vanaja from Sembaruthi asks Akhila to favour Aishwarya over Parvathy, here’s why we think that will not happen.

The relationship between Parvathy and Akhilandeswari gets more interesting with each episode in Sembaruthi. When Akhila decides to conduct a few competitions during her function, Vanaja asks her to declare Aishwarya as the winner of these competitions over Parvathy because it will look good for the family too. However, here’s why we know that Akhila will not be partial.

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Sembaruthi right here!

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Akhila has a soft spot for Parvathy

Even if she might not show it we know that Akhilandeswari has a soft spot for Parvathy. This is enough for us to know that she wouldn’t disregard Parvathy’s efforts and be unbiased when she announces her judgement. Moreover, she even admires a few qualities of Parvathy, and will always be fair to her. Her relationship with Parvathy and Aishwarya is proof that she has many reasons to be unbiased.

Akhila is a mature woman 

Given that Akhila is a strong and mature woman, we know that she would not be biased in her judgement even if she did not like Parvathy. She would keep all her differences aside and be fair to the people participating in the competition. She even stood up for someone she did not know when they were being harassed. There is no way that she will let trivial differences impact her judgement. Akhila is one of the most level headed women you will meet, which proves that she is always fair!

Vanaja in Sembaruthi
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Akhila will not easily fall into Vanaja’s trap

Vanaja’s advise might be tempting if you were in Akhila’s place, but we also know for a fact that Akhila keeps her differences aside when she takes any decision. Moreover, she makes sure that her decisions are never impacted by anyone else’s opinion. She might not want to show her appreciation for Parvathy in the open but she will not let outsiders know of her differences with Parvathy. She will not want anyone to know that there are problems in her family, because she likes to keep her family life private from most people.

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