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Sembaruthi: Why Parvathy Needs To Come Clean On Akhila’s Stolen Money

Bhavna Gandikota

May 5, 2021

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As Akhila asks for the money that she gave to Parvathy, here’s why we think that she should come clean before things go out of hand!

Sembaruthi‘s Vanaja has done the unthinkable once again, and this time she stole Akhila’s money from Parvathy’s cupboard. While Parvathy has no idea about who the thief is, she is accountable for the money. As Akhila asks her to give some of the money to the event manager, she is speechless. However, we think that she should tell Akhila the truth before it is too late!

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The theft was not in Parvathy’s hands

Akhila might be upset for a while, but we are sure that she would understand that the theft was out of Parvathy’s hands. Parvathy had been careful with monetary matters all this while, and everybody knows it. She even saved Akhila a fortune while buying her sarees, which means that she is always thoughtful when it comes to money. There was nothing that she could do about the robbery.

What if Akhila found out herself?

Parvathy would not be able to hide the truth for long, and Akhila will learn about the theft at some point. If that were to happen, then she would lose all the trust that she had in Parvathy, and they would be back to being on underwhelming terms. Akhila would rather have Parvathy tell her the truth, than learning it herself through some other source.

Akhila in Sembaruthi
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Taking steps before it is too late

Before it is too late and there is more damage done, it is best that Akhila learns the truth so she can secure her house and make it safer. It is possible that these thefts may happen again, so it is best that they take precautions before it is too late. The amount she lost was not big for Akhila, but the one she might lose in the future can be very big! So, before Akhila discovers from somewhere else, Parvathy should definitely tell her about the theft that has happened indeed.

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