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Sembaruthi: Vanaja’s Evil Plan Has Backfired Yet Again, Here’s Why We Think So

Bhavna Gandikota

March 3, 2021

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Sembaruthi’s Vanaja seems to have landed in trouble yet again because of herself!

Vanaja from Sembaruthi has to be one of the most persistent people when it comes to trying to ruin the lives of people around her. She is always rooting for Akhilandeswari’s fall, or for Akhila to get distant from her family. This time she tried to take the electricity off from Adithya’s room, but we love how beautifully it backfired.

Watch the spoiler for the latest episode of Sembaruthi right here!

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Her own room’s light got cut too, as it turns out that her room shared the connection with Adithya’s room. This certainly had everyone in splits and we cannot wait to see how she deals with it. As the electrician told her on call that she will have to wait it out, we think it beautifully summarised the saying ‘Tit for tat’.

The last time, she tried to get Akhilandeswari arrested, she ended up making a way for Parvathy to get closer to her husband. Adithya was far away from his mother’s life, till Vanaja tried to sabotage it. Adithya made sure that the police did not arrest Akhila, and this also led to Akhila appreciating Parvathy.

Vanaja in Sembaruthi
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Whenever she wanted to do some harm, it either backfired or led to Akhila becoming closer to Adithya. We genuinely think that Vanaja should give it a break since it has never worked. However, we have to admit that it is fun when things backfire and she is the one who is in a fix!

This is proof that evil never wins over good and the more that she tries to sabotage Akhila’s life, the more it will bring her closer to her family. Although, we would love to see what she comes up with next, wouldn’t we?

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