Sembaruthi: These Romantic Moments Between Adi And Parvathy Will Make You Go Awww!

Here’s what makes the Sembaruthi star couple Adi and Parvathy the perfect couple. Read on to know.

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November 5, 2020



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The story of the Tamil-language drama Sembaruthi revolves around a young girl Parvathy who, after the demise of her grandmother, works as a maid at the place of a rich and high-class Akhilandeshwari. However, over the course of time, love begins to blossom between Parvathy and Akhilandeshwari’s son, Adi. There were several storms that came their way but the duo stood their ground. The chemistry between the two will make you fall in love all over again as they celebrate their wedding anniversary. Stay tuned to see what makes Adi-Parvathy the perfect couple.

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Adi leaves for Mumbai

Parvathy finds a gift on the rack and wonders who left it. She calls Adi and asks him why he lied to her. Adi tells her that it was to surprise her. Later, he tells Parvathy that he will return home the next day. Parvathy and Adi share a romantic moment as they both say ‘I Love You’ to each other.

Adi and Parvathy test their compatibility

Purushottam gets ecstatic when he realises that Arun and Aishwarya have successfully started work on the new project. On the other hand, Adi and Parvathy play a game to test their compatibility. With the budding romance, Adi and Parvathy also prove to be true companions of each other.

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Adi And Parvathy Prepare For Their Wedding Anniversary:

Adi surprises Parvathy on the eve of their wedding anniversary. In the episode, Adi and Parvathy start prepping for the anniversary. However, Parvathy cannot decide what to gift Adi. Meanwhile, Adi plans a surprise for her. He decides to surprise her with gifts every day.

Love Blossoms Between Adi And Parvathy: 

Recently, Adi and Parvathy share some intimate moments despite a few bumps in their relationship. Adi gifts Parvathy bangles and helps her wear them. Later, Parvathy pecks a kiss on Adi’s forehead and gives him a tight hug. This budding romance between the two despite their issues is what makes them the perfect couple.

Adi Writes A Love Letter For Parvathy: 

Adi knows his way around Parvathy and this is how he makes her feel good, with a love letter. In the 8 October 2020 episode, Parvathy feels bad for Janaki as she is away from her son. Later, she tells Adi to reach out to Janaki’s son. Later, Nandini accuses Parvathy of being a manipulator and separating Adi from his mother. Parvathy is terribly hurt to the extent that she talks about it in her sleep. Adi who hears her tries to make her feel good and not guilty. So he decides to write her a sweet and romantic love letter before leaving for his presentation. In the letter, he mentions that he loves both his mother and Parvathy equally and that it wasn’t her fault.

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